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Post  Thelegendofcnr on Sat May 26, 2012 2:59 pm

. Age:14

2. Name:thelegendofcnr

3. Do you have a Microphone?:yes not the best

4. Do you understand that F.R.A.G. is a serious RPing clan:yes I'v been to this server before I was a rifleman in the SWAT team

5. If possible, will you download ARMA 2 Free and play with us (Optional):I have Arma 2 but sorry I cannot get the extension packs

6. Will you be able to sucess to your fullest in combat:yes Ill do my best Im a good shooter

7. Will you never leave a Fallen Comrade:No I will never leave a Comrade behind Ill do whatever is needed

8. Can you SeriousRP?:yes

9. STEAMID: Thelegengofcnr (I have 2 accounts and yes this is thelegengofcnr)

10. Steam Profile Community link: Thelegengofcnr

Combat Scenario's

You're in a heavy Street fight, Your squad leader gets hit by a 5.56mm round, What will you do?: Move him to a safe spot try to put pressure to the wound call for backup and hold the point

You're in an Enclosed Area and somewhat of a green colored gas filled the room, how will you act?: Move to windows or find a gasmask keeping myself safe

You're Moving up with heavy Infantry, you come underfire from AK-47's and RPG's how will you act?: Move to a safe spot and eleminate the enemy

A officer falls down from being shot, what will you do?: pick him up carry him to a safe spot call for MEDIC

A fellow Soldier Falls down, a Bullet in his Skull, How will you react.: Take him to a safe spot check for pulse, If dead yell MAN DOWN!

Thats all, GOOD luck!


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Post  William Kink on Sat May 26, 2012 3:31 pm

I'll say accepted but, I want you to try your best. I want no trolling, mingery, or anything like that. I will kick you in a heartbeat. You'll be a trainee for now, look for me on RIP I'm Brig General William Kink. We'll see how you do.
William Kink
William Kink

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Post  General Hobskins on Sat May 26, 2012 3:33 pm

Accepted And i agree with kink
General Hobskins
General Hobskins

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