Application for promotion of Private/Medic Caleb Long

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Application for promotion of Private/Medic Caleb Long Empty Application for promotion of Private/Medic Caleb Long

Post  iamcaleblong on Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:22 pm

Time in FRAG: About 2 or 3 months

Current Rank:Private/Medic

Rank Aimed for: Anything higher than private. I've been a private for months..

Name: Steam name: [FRAG] Private Caleb Long| In game name: Caleb Long

What will you do as the rank(Atleast 5 paragraph's): Right now I am a medic, so I would of course, continue to use that talent and privilege to the best of my extent both on the battlefield and off. I've been gone for a few weeks, but I have kept up with my friend, Staff Sergeant Dmitry, who I'm sure will vouch that I am more than qualified for this rank. My RP is already good, as you may tell from my original application to join. I will also be able to donate most of the day on weekdays most of this summer. I've been referred to as "One of the only privates worth shit" and have been a dedicated member for some time now. I thank you for whatever rank you may give me, if even one at all.
Most likely, as a higher rank, I will work under a higher grade officer, and also on occasion lead a squad to victory. This will take tactical planning, which I am also good at. To keep myself and my teammates from being shot to death, I understand that the main things we need are: cover, contact, and order. First of all, cover. With cover, we can have at least a small time to plan our next move, or our retreat. Next contact. With contact we either, get backup, call in the firefight, or even an evac, which can vary depending on the map, wether it be wasteland, or silent hill. And finally, order. With order we will take out the enemy as efficiently as possible, or retreat in the most elusive manner possible. With all of these together we may fight off the enemy, heal the wounded, and advance/retreat as needed by the situation.
Another thing I will do as Junior Staff Sergeant, is get to know my squadmates, and whoever I will be shooting with. I fight way better when I know the men at my sides, which is why I have always preferred to work with the same people, but the situation doesn't always allow you to have the same people. I already know many of the higher members, and as far as I know, they don't mind my company. But also I will get to know everyones weaknesses, strengths, known strategies, and what weapons they're holding. An important attribute of a good leader is communication, and with communication comes understanding. Understanding everyone around me will give me a broader range of ways to use their abilities.
Next we have knowledge. I like to know what I'm going to fight, what are the dangers, what are it's weaknesses, and how can I kill it with the most precision possible. Knowing your enemy is the best way to take it down. Like for an Antlion Guard, you wouldn't hide behind cover and shoot, because it won't stop. It will come to you. So you have your men fan out and give it a more broad target, which will make it less likely to get multiple people at once, and at the same time, bring casualties to a minor. Another enemy one faces are actual humans. Humans have fear, so we use this. We find cover, and try to shoot them while they do the same. But, with our wits about us we can do much more. We provide surpressing fire, send in the heavy gunners, send a scout to flank them, and over all, kill the target. We may not even need to kill the target, due to fear. We could just keep them at bay. Another enemy is the common zombie. The most efficient way to dispose of them is to have the men make two horizontal rows, the front one crouching, and fire at them, due to their slow nature, and inability to fire back. And finally, maybe the worst of the bunch, the commonplace "minge". A minge is truly a force to be reckoned with, due to the fact that it feels no pain, and fights without fear, honor, or even order. The best way to fight a minge is to get an admin or spawn camp it until it "Rage Quits"
In final words, I hope you will see me as worthy to be a higher rank, and I truly do look forward to getting back into the game. I enjoy RPing very much, and wish to do it to my best extent. I also look forward to getting to know new members, reuniting with old ones, and fighting off whatever new foe may have stepped in the mighty path of FRAG.


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Application for promotion of Private/Medic Caleb Long Empty Re: Application for promotion of Private/Medic Caleb Long

Post  Jeremy Johnson(JcorrFTW) on Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:15 pm

I fucking congratulate you for actually doing all 5 paragraphs
Jeremy Johnson(JcorrFTW)
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