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Auto Biography-I was born is a small mountain town in Ukraine near the border of Russia. Every family there had their roles and my family ran the town, my father being the mayor I worked with him so that perhaps I could too be a mayor. I never wanted that of course, I was more for a life in the wilderness and in the wilderness is were I spent much of my free time learning about it more and more every day. Then the combine invaded, we were too small a town to be noticed by the combine but them invading caused a shortage of food from the city. This forced me to live in the wilderness more for food for my town. That is how life was for me until a scouting party found us. No warning they fired killing the butcher, or at least he was the first casualty. I was just returning when I first heard the pulse guns, the drop ship hovering on the street with soldiers jumping from the pod. They killed mostly everyone, including my mother. Then I killed them...But it didn't stop them another force came this time killing my father and my younger brother, Lev. It was at the end of the third attack that the surviving members of our community realized we had to go and leave behind all we had in the world. My brother joined a military convoy later on to protect his country. And the last group of survivors from the town broke away and I found myself at Moscow where I saw my older brother for another time I took a military helicopter to a small fortified town and from there I left back to Ukraine where I had relatives holding up. I stayed there, in that newly found city home for 8 years and I had made a freind and a reputation with the people around there until my freind died. It was then I was done with this part of the world. I had heard America was doing a better job. I arrived to America to learn the rumors were not true and there were still multiple combine cities. After a while of surviving in a small city I found a certain soldier. A soldier who recruited me into the elite Forward Recon Assault Group. And it was there I was a soldier and brother to the other soldiers still getting close to that one man among combine during the second attack. The man who killed my mother and brother. Then I found him and I killed him. I was an accomplished officer by then and decided I was going to stay with my new family. And I led them for a long time but decided I needed to go. I retired as a contractor and work with F.R.A.G.
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