My character - Dmitryi Gluhovsky.

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My character - Dmitryi Gluhovsky. Empty My character - Dmitryi Gluhovsky.

Post  TheDarkAvenger on Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:00 am

My character - Dmitryi Gluhovsky. 39Spg

Dmitryi was born in Russia, and led a rough, but rewarding life until right around the time of the Cold War. He then, after seeing the conditions that his country was going to lead themselves into simply to try to scare America, he went to Britain, got on the first airplane to America he could find. He then quickly joined the American Military. After a vaguely successful but unmemorable career, he decided there wasn't enough action, and sought out for something where he'd be noticed. He found himself in F.R.A.G, quickly rising in the ranks for aptitude and loyalty. Dmitryi finds comfort in fighting, as it's what he'd done his whole life. However - He doesn't take combat seriously in the least, and usually hums to himself while he ends the lives of those who oppose him. He doesn't see war as a way to fight for revenge or to settle disagreements, he assumes that like himself, most people do it for fun. Even when in close quarters with the enemy, so he sees and hears what they say and look like, he only thinks that it'll be even easier to kill them at this distance. He does, however, take the lives of his comrades very seriously, seeing them as, well, the equivalent of golfing buddies. He gets quite angry whenever the golf balls fight back, in short. A favorite quote of his, is one of his own, something he mused to himself while stabbing a combine elite to death with his Kabar - "There's so much bullshit about war being hard. Who ever said hard things can't be fun?"

Weapons - His pride and joy, the M60 Machine gun. He's very affectionate towards it, seeing as it does the bulk of his killing, and has dubbed it "Samantha". He has a Desert Eagle, which he's also quite proud of, and enjoys scaring the hell out of the opposition with it. He hasn't named it, but he's scratched a line into the slide every time he's killed somebody with it. The left side of the barrel is full, and he's starting on the right.

The songs he hums while killing people: (Blue Wrath, By I, Monster) (Singing in the rain.) (The first movement of Beethoven's Fifth.) (yes, the ENTIRE 9th symphony.) (Shoot to Thrill, what I consider his offical theme song.)


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My character - Dmitryi Gluhovsky. Empty Response

Post  General Hobskins on Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:19 pm

Nice picture and story Razz
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