Operation Airshow (ARMA II Chernarus Mission)

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Operation Airshow (ARMA II Chernarus Mission)

Post  1SGT. J. Welsh on Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:52 am

Good evening gentlemen, this, is operation Airshow.

At 01:00 hours we recived a radio transmission from Scout team 4 about a heavily defended dockyard on the Island Chernarus, The Insurgent's group motives are unknown.

Task force:

At midnight, a small team will be flown in via VTOL to the city near the dockyard, Two squads will be established, The first squad will be a Fireteam and The second a Overwatch team, These two teams will have 4-5 people in them max.


Intel reports that there are at least 30-40 Insurgents there, all loaded up with AK's and RPG, Also we've recently heard of a small Vehicle depot the Insurgents are using to store an Unknown type and quantity of Vehicles, Most likely Tacticals and a coupple of BMPs

1: Land at the LZ
2: Set up positions (Overwatch will need to get to a high vantage point)
3: Secure the Dockyard from insurgents and Vehicles
4: Await Extraction.


As soon as you get to a position to attack you can request a Attack Helicopter to assist your attack.

Alright gentlemen, study the mission plan and check your gear, good luck.
1SGT. J. Welsh
1SGT. J. Welsh

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