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John W. King (Bio, Picture & Theme) Empty John W. King (Bio, Picture & Theme)

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OK I hope I am doing this right
Here is the Bio of John King and a picture of his Combat gear for everyone. Enjoy.

John W. King (Bio, Picture & Theme) KlC1n

John Woodrow King was born on 1981 on an ranch in Austin, Texas. He was raised poor and had to hunt for the family with his big brother Henry. John and Henry would have to spend about half of each day hunting for their family since there was a lot of people to feed. John has four other brothers and sister, Lisa King who is Johns twin sister, Henry who is the oldest brother, Evan who is two years older than John, And Joe who is the youngest only a year younger than Evan. Johns father, Richard King and Mother Jane King both vanished when John was 17. Henry who was 19 at the time took in his Siblings to live with him in San Antonio. John then later became a Police Officer like his brother Henry. When John was 21 he met his wife Annie and got married having his one son John "Newt" King Jr. In the year 2012 while John took Newt to go fishing with him the Combine attack earth and to Johns return to his home he found his Wife dead. John was desperate for Revenge and joined up with F.R.A.G. and his son went to live with Henry. While in FRAG John learned that his parents where the first victims of the combine and the U.S Government kept if a secret from the world thinking they could deal with it. Finally John killed his wife's Killer, a combine experimental trooper, But revenge didn't help anything and John still felt empty. John then sacrificed his life to save a fellow soldier during an combine attack. After this Newt joined FRAG to become what his father was. John King was Re-Animated by the combine and used as an elite soldier. The combine took any memory John had of FRAG away from him. John was found by FRAG members after another combine raid and was brought back to his old self but still didn't remember a lot of FRAG. John King is starting to remember his history in FRAG and everything that happened to him during his death.

MSG John W. King
MSG John W. King

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