Private Caleb Long's class application.

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Private Caleb Long's class application. Empty Private Caleb Long's class application.

Post  iamcaleblong on Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:53 pm

Role: Medic/Field Medic

How you will serve the role: I will heal, and also roleplay said healing, on the battlefield and when in the medical bay. We only have one medic also. If you look at my application, you may find I am rather good at it. I will also do my best to make sure every F.R.A.G. member in my group makes it back alive.

Rank: Private, maybe soon to be a Private First Class.

How long have you been in F.R.A.G.? I'm pretty sure about a week and a half, maybe two.

Explain what your role does. As a medic I would act as a normal soldier, but once a squad member is shot I would administer the best aid possible. This would consist of healing them with a healthpack, and also RPing the medical procedure, which I am also skilled at. In a mini event with Kyle and Dmitry, we where in a helicopter crash. In the crash, Kyle, my superior, was badly injured with shrapnel in the lower intestine. I kept him alive until a real medic arrived while Dmitry kept us covered with the heli's gunner. I did all of this while RPing a broken arm and shattered femur. It was a very interesting event to say the least. I also highly recommend Dmitry for Heavy Gunner, he provided amazing covering fire while I performed the surgery.


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Private Caleb Long's class application. Empty Re: Private Caleb Long's class application.

Post  William Kink on Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:50 pm

I will say accepted, your post is actually the most detailed I've seen on this forums. You have to go through training, which Vasili will train you in. Also, to be clear you do not get any special weapons. You keep useing your M4.
William Kink
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