Dmitryi's Application For Heavy Gunner.

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Dmitryi's Application For Heavy Gunner. Empty Dmitryi's Application For Heavy Gunner.

Post  TheDarkAvenger on Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:56 am

Role: The Heavy Gunner's purpose in a squadron is to provide heavy fire on designated targets, but more often then not, the most important role this class serves is suppression, wounding and causing the enemy to take cover whenever rifle fire just isn't enough.

How you will serve the role: I plan to serve this role just as I've served my rifleman role - To the letter and function as I should with it.

Rank: Private

How long have you been in F.R.A.G.? Give or take two weeks.

Explain what your role does. In my opinion, The heavy gunner is an extremely important role, which is why I would be honored to serve such a position. The ability to rain a hail of lead upon the enemy so my teammates can get to safety, take down singular targets in seconds, and provide support to my squad is exactly why I joined F.R.A.G - To use teamwork to overpower (sometimes seemingly insurmountable) odds.

An Addendum, if you will.

I choose to submit this application because on a previous event, Yesterday, actually, I was with Blank, Long, Kyle and Thomas in a mini-event hosted to relieve us of boredom. Our chopper had just gone down from Russian Artillery, Kyle was incapacitated and Long was wounded badly, Whereas Pvt. Blank was green, and didn't know what to do. We were under fire from an APC, and the troops from within. After finding that the M60 A-3 in the downed chopper was still operational, I detached it from it's bi-pod, and after the APC was taken out by a Matador rocket (fired by yours truly), I helped keep the injured squad alive with my newfound weapon until Staff Sgt Thomas arrived, providing medical attention and stabilizing my squadmates until an evac chopper arrived. I found that the ability to lay down a cloud of 7.62x51mm rounds in seconds to keep the ruskies from reaching our squad was an invaluable skill for me, and knew that if anything, this was the class for me.


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Dmitryi's Application For Heavy Gunner. Empty Re: Dmitryi's Application For Heavy Gunner.

Post  William Kink on Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:54 pm

I'm going to say accepted, hearing that story and having people confirmed it tells me your good for it. You'll be trained for it, I'll try to get you as good with a M249 then you are with a pistol.
William Kink
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