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Post  kswivel on Thu May 31, 2012 8:38 pm

1. Age: 14

2. Name: Kyle.

3. Do you have a Microphone?: Yes.

4. Do you understand that F.R.A.G. is a serious RPing clan: 100%

5. If possible, will you download ARMA 2 Free and play with us (Optional): Yeah sure.

6. Will you be able to sucess to your fullest in combat: Yes.

7. Will you never leave a Fallen Comrade: Never.

8. Can you SeriousRP?: Yes.

9. STEAMID: kwkenney

10. Steam Profile Community link: I don't know what this is.

Combat Scenario's

You're in a heavy Street fight, Your squad leader gets hit by a 5.56mm round, What will you do?:

Take him to a safe spot give him covering fire and make sure to call a medic over to check him out.

You're in an Enclosed Area and somewhat of a green colored gas filled the room, how will you act?:

If I have a gas mask put it on but if not i would rip some cloth off of my uniform and cover my face with it i would also yell to my comrades to do the same.

You're Moving up with heavy Infantry, you come underfire from AK-47's and RPG's how will you act?:

Dive into cover and take them out slowly and precisely and also move periodicity to make sure im not hit by an incoming projectile

A officer falls down from being shot, what will you do?:

Call a medic and take him to safety if no medic is available i would do my best to patch him up myself.

A fellow Soldier Falls down, a Bullet in his Skull, How will you react.:

Check to see if he is alive even though i know he is already gone after i check for life i would run to cover and continue the battle.


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Kswivels application  Empty Re: Kswivels application

Post  William Kink on Fri Jun 01, 2012 7:50 pm

Your app was fine, not that detailed. But, your grammar was shitty. If your RPing useing text,use correct grammar. I don't want no i's or u's. I'll accepted you, but you piss me off and don't listen your outta here in a heartbeat.
William Kink
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