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Post  iamcaleblong on Fri May 25, 2012 5:09 pm

1. Age:15

2. Name:Caleb Long

3. Do you have a Microphone?:Yes

4. Do you understand that F.R.A.G. is a serious RPing clan:Indeed

5. If possible, will you download ARMA 2 Free and play with us (Optional):My computer cannot run the vast maps, so frankly that's a negative.

6. Will you be able to sucess to your fullest in combat:To my fullest.

7. Will you never leave a Fallen Comrade:Not unless I am that comrade myself.

8. Can you SeriousRP?: Definitely

9. STEAMID:0:0:42622260

10. Steam Profile Community link:ht tp:/ /steamcommunity.c om/id/CalebLong/

Combat Scenario's

You're in a heavy Street fight, Your squad leader gets hit by a 5.56mm round, What will you do?: I myself choose to be a medic whenever possible, so if this is the case, I would drag the leader to the safest and closest cover. I would then, depending on the area he has been shot, apply pressure to stop blood flow to the wound or create some sort of rope to tie over said wound. With the immediate problem take care of, I would the try to call in for help, or support. With that taken care of, I would attempt to bandage the wound, if bandages were available. I would rely on my fellow squadmates to take care of hostiles.

You're in an Enclosed Area and somewhat of a green colored gas filled the room, how will you act?:I would yell to my squadmembers to get their gas masks, or any sort of makeshift ones they could find, whilst doing so myself.

You're Moving up with heavy Infantry, you come underfire from AK-47's and RPG's how will you act?:
Mostly small armies, and less organized terrorists use this weaponry, so I would take the nearest cover, and ask for suppressing fire. I would then ask 2 other friendlies to join me to approach the hostiles, as to prevent hostiles from using the RPGs in fear of hitting themselves. Assuming also that they are scattered, I would try to systematically take them out a few at a time to save ammunition, and stop my 3 man group from being overwhelmed.

A officer falls down from being shot, what will you do?: If it was a sniper shot, I would drop, crawl to him, and try to carry him to safety, then perform basic first aid, or if the situation provides, a quick removal of the bullet. I would then call in, and see if I can get someone to identify the shooter before doing my best to eliminate said hostile.

A fellow Soldier Falls down, a Bullet in his Skull, How will you react.:Run to him, check his pulse. If there is none, do my best to keep the body in tact for a burial, and call in for support, unless I can take out the hostile myself, but still call in to report the fallen soldier. I would also be sure to search the area for any other hostiles.


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Application for iamcaleblong Empty Re: Application for iamcaleblong

Post  TheDarkA on Fri May 25, 2012 5:10 pm

Oh god I approve of this so much. Not that I can do that, but this is as detailed as it gets.


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Application for iamcaleblong Empty aprroved

Post  General Hobskins on Fri May 25, 2012 5:20 pm

I'm going to have to so Approved. because it is very detailed. you seem to know a lot about medics so in the near future you will be trained into a medic but you will need to be in FRAG for a certain amount of time.
General Hobskins
General Hobskins

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Application for iamcaleblong Empty Re: Application for iamcaleblong

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