Chang Feng CF-05 App

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Chang Feng CF-05 App

Post  Jeremy Johnson(JcorrFTW) on Fri May 25, 2012 12:09 am

Type of gun:Sub-machinegun

What type of ammo:9 mm

Any Modifcations:None

What is your class(If you have one):Sniper(Training)

History on the gun:
This submachine gun has been developed by Chinese Chang Feng corporation for Compact Submachine Gun trials initiated by PLA (Chinese Army) in early 1990s.This weapon has been designed by the same people who previously designed the QSZ-92pistol, which is now in use by PLA and PAP. This design (chambered for new Chinese 5.8x21 DAP-58 round) lost the military trials because of overly complicated design, and by now is offered to Chinese law enforcement agencies, chamberedfor 9x19 DAP-92 (Chinese version of 9x19 Luger/Parabellum) ammunition.

The Chang Feng submachine gun is blowback operated and uses telescoped bolt which wraps around the barrel in forward position. Receiver is made from polymer and is open at the top; two pistol grips are integral to receiver. Primary feed is from helical magazine made from translucent polymer; magazine is located at the top of the weapon and is similar in design to magazines of US Calicosubmachine guns. Early prototypes also had secondary feed option, in the form of the QSZ-92 pistol magazine that was inserted into the rear pistol grip; it is not known how gun was fed if both magazines were inserted simultaneously. Chang Feng submachine gun is fitted with open sights, and has a mounting point for red dot or night sight just behind the rear sight block. Barrel of the weapon is threaded to accept optional detachable silencer. Shoulder stock is of telescoped (retractable) type, and is made from polymer.

Edit: Instead of the pistol I would use this as a back up if my position is compromised and I am facing heavy opposition.

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Re: Chang Feng CF-05 App

Post  William Kink on Fri May 25, 2012 7:20 pm

What benefits will it bring you if I do accept it?
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Re: Chang Feng CF-05 App

Post  General Hobskins on Sat May 26, 2012 3:28 pm

Why exactly do you want this weapon?
General Hobskins

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Re: Chang Feng CF-05 App

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