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Post  Laumudreki on Sun Sep 09, 2012 4:50 pm

Patrick was born to a small family in Ireland, near the Northern part which is owned by Britain on January 15th, 1977. His father was a Coal Miner but fought in the IRA against the British army. When he was 8 he saw his father get shot in the head but a British sniper which scarred him for life and gave him a purpose in life. when he was 17, in 1994 he joined the Irish Defence Force as a Machine Gunner. After proving good service for the army and passing his University course, he was offered to join Ireland's special forces, the Army Ranger Wing (Sciathán Fiannóglach an Airm) But after the zombie outbreak, he fled to London, the place that he despised where a man approached him asking him if he was willing to do any work for a group called, "F.R.A.G". Patrick liked the idea and accepted it.

As of 2002, Patrick Gallagher joined F.R.A.G...


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