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Felipe Hernandez's Application Empty Felipe Hernandez's Application

Post  Felipe H on Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:28 pm

1. Age: 14

2. Name(Steam Name): p_nessmonster

3. Do you have a Microphone?: Yes

4. Do you understand that F.R.A.G. is a serious military RPing clan: Fully understood.

5. If possible, will you download ARMA 2 Free and play with us (Optional): Do my best.

6. Will you be able to sucess to your fullest in combat: Always try my best.

7. Will you never leave a Fallen Comrade: Never.

8. Can you SeriousRP?: Yes.

9. STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:52503445

10. Steam Profile Community Link:
(If you cannot post the link just put a space in it)

Combat Scenario's

You're in a heavy Street fight, Your squad leader gets hit by a 5.56mm round, What will you do?:
Check the wound, control his/her bleeding, bonefractures, bring the downed man to safety.

You're in an Enclosed Area and somewhat of a green colored gas filled the room, how will you act?:
Inform the rest of the team in the enclosed area and deal with the source, and gas itself, depending on
the enviornment and equipment issued.

You're Moving up with heavy Infantry, you come underfire from AK-47's and RPG's how will you act?:
Find cover and check if everyone is okay, then exterminate enemy threat with officer's order.

A officer falls down from being shot, what will you do?:
If he is alive, treat his wound. (Depending on how serious it is). Get him back into the fight.

A fellow Soldier Falls down, a Bullet in his Skull, How will you react.:
Anger, wanting the enemy dead even more.

Felipe H

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Felipe Hernandez's Application Empty RE: Flipe

Post  General Hobskins on Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:13 pm

Accepted, I liked your responses to the scenarios, but since you did not leave a steam profile link, we will try to contact you, BUT best if you try to contact one of us.
General Hobskins
General Hobskins

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